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Engage citizens in the developing of urban policies planning

A Smart City project aimed to improve citizens' quality of life; the goal is to improve effectiveness of the urban planning strategy and management in order to optimize and modernize public services.

WiseTown is a multi-platform product consisting with one specific mobile app and a portal. It aims to collect and catalog data about the city using social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), app mobile, sensor (IoT), web portals and Open Data set.
The project is based on the Open Data philosophy, which means that the free data sets published by Public Administrations are totally accessible.

The product operates in the following sectors: Urban decoration, waste management, public and private mobility, environmental monitoring, public security, urban green spaces.

It allows a citizen (and not only) to create geo-located alerts that will be directly sent to the competent authorities. They will be in charge of the managing and solving appearing problems as soon as possible.