WiseTown is an innovative solution for Smart City to gather, aggregate, and interpret information from different, heterogeneous streams.

It is a multi-platform ecosystem of products in which mobile apps and portals integrate each other to collect, catalogue and analyse data about the city. It can easily use social networks, IoT sensors, Open Data set and existing repositories.

WiseTown – the Suite

WiseTown is a platform composed of several apps providing the City Government with:

  • Decisions Support
  • Planning and Governance
  • Open Data Management


WiseTown® GeoAnalytics

Decision Support System

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WiseTown® Crowd Planning

Planning e Governance

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WiseTown® Issue Manager

Planning e Governance

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WiseTown® Situation Room

Open Data

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WiseTown® GoodSharing


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WiseTown® TripStories


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WiseTown® IoT Monitor


WiseTown® OpenData Manager


WiseTown® Social Monitor


“Interpreting the data streams to improve urban planning, to modernize public services and to optimize the management of the city”