WiseTown, an innovative technological solution for the Smart City

WiseTown is a technological ecosystem designed to promote the development of the smart cities. The Application Suite aims to support the public administration with the intention of:

  • improving urban planning,
  • modernizing public services and simplify city management,
  • simplifying the access to the services and supporting the relationship between people and government, by giving citizens the opportunity to participate in public decision making.

WiseTown stands for Web Information Stream Enhancer Town, a concept that perfectly describes the main idea of the technological ecosystem: gathering information from different data sources to manage, organize and plan the development of the city. The collected  information is extremely valuable for urban planning to improve the quality of life of the citizens.

It is a new way to approach urban management that enhances effectiveness of the urban planning strategy and management to optimize and modernize public services.
WiseTown solutions offer a new view on the city management that improves effectiveness, efficiency, transparency, cost savings, inclusion and collaboration.

15+ years of experience in developing Smart City solutions

WiseTown Concept

WiseTown is a brand of TeamDev, a software house founded in 2008 and based in Perugia.

The company combines its software skills with the GIS (Geographical Information Systems) competences to create tools and products able to support vertical market in daily tasks and predictive analysis.

Working in Public Administration IT projects, after some experiences in medium-sized cities in Italy, the concept of WiseTown was starting to play in the minds of the founders of TeamDev. It was perceived that citizens were not involved enough in urban decision-making and planning. The idea was to create WiseTown as an ecosystem of applications and tools to improve citizens’ quality of life in a collaborative environment.

Cutting-edge technology of WiseTown

WiseTown uses Geo Business Intelligence solution that allows to explore spatial and geographic information, with particular attention to the distribution of data on the territory and their evolution over time.

WiseTown technology uses Machine Learning techniques to improve the effectiveness of its predictive algorithms.

The system processes large amounts of data in search of patterns and occurrences, which then, reapplied to incoming data, improve the predicted outcome. These are machine learning techniques through which the system corrects itself and improves continuously.

Thanks to this WiseTown is a real Decision Support System able to improve the decision making process.
The system processes and relates large quantities of extremely heterogeneous data coming from different sources. The results are available through simple dashboards, easy to understand, able to analyze changes in existing phenomena related to time and territory, thus revealing correlations that otherwise would not be evident.

WiseTown – the Suite

WiseTown is a platform composed of several apps providing the City Government with:

  • Decisions Support
  • Planning and Governance
  • Open Data Management


WiseTown® GeoAnalytics

Decision Support System

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WiseTown® Crowd Planning

Planning e Governance

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WiseTown® Issue Manager

Planning e Governance

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WiseTown® Situation Room

Open Data

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WiseTown® GoodSharing


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WiseTown® TripStories


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WiseTown® IoT Monitor


WiseTown® OpenData Manager


WiseTown® Social Monitor


“Interpreting the data streams to improve urban planning, to modernize public services and to optimize the management of the city”