WiseTown, an innovative technological solution for the Smart City

WiseTown is a technological ecosystem designed to facilitate the Smart Cities development. The suite of applications aims to support both public administration and private companies with public purposes with the intention of:

  • improve urban planning,
  • modernising public services and simplifying city management,
  • Optimize access to services and support the relationship between people and PA, giving citizens the opportunity to participate in public decision-making.

WiseTown stands for Web Information Stream Enhancer Town, a concept that perfectly describes the main idea of the technological ecosystem: to collect information from different sources of data to: organize, plan and manage urban development, to improve the quality of life of citizens.

WiseTown solutions offer a new way to facilitate the evolution of the city by improving it:

  • effectiveness,
  • efficiency,
  • transparency,
  • economic savings,
  • inclusion,
  • the collaboration.

15+ years of experience in developing Smart City solutions

How the idea was born

WiseTown is a brand of TeamDev, software house of Perugia founded in 2008.

The company, was already in possession of expertise in both Software Development and GIS (Geographical Information Systems), thus being able to become aware of the potential arising from their union. After working in medium-sized Italian cities, gaining experience through IT projects for public administration, the concept of WiseTown began to make its way among the ideas of the founders of TeamDev. There was a growing desire for citizen involvement in urban issues. The idea of creating WiseTown as an ecosystem of applications and tools to improve the quality of life of citizens in a collaborative environment took shape.

WiseTown’s Innovative Technology

WiseTown is based on a Geo Business Intelligence engine that allows you to explore the spatial relationships between information, with particular attention to the distribution of data on the territory and their evolution over time.

WiseTown technology uses Machine Learning techniques to improve the effectiveness of its predictive algorithms. The system processes a large amount of data in search of patterns and recurrences, once identified, re-applies them to incoming data, improving the predictions provided. These are automatic learning techniques with which the system continuously corrects and improves itself.

WiseTown is a Decision Support System able to help administrators in making decisions correctly, supported by objective information. The system processes and relates large amounts of extremely heterogeneous data from different sources. The results can be consulted through simple dashboards, easy to understand, able to analyze the evolution of phenomena in relation to time and territory, thus revealing correlations that otherwise would not be evident.

“Interpreting the data streams to improve urban planning,

to modernize public services and to optimize the management of the city”