WiseTown wins the challenge of the Ferrovie dello Stato and access the final phase of the Connected City trial

Connected City

Connected City is a program promoted by Talent Garden, the largest platform in Europe for networking and training for digital innovation, to select the best projects for the realization of a new urban mobility.

Realize the project of a smarter city. This is the goal that the creators of Connected City have set themselves, the first edition of a one-year program divided into two major phases. The first, from June to December 2018, corresponds to the selection of winning design ideas; in the second phase, the experimentation of the selected projects will come into play.

Connected City

Connected City involves large companies such as Iren, Links Foundation, MINI, Reale Mutua, Siemens, Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane and Digital Magics, which contribute to the development of projects by providing 150 thousand euros of investments but above all datasets, APIs and a mentorship process for the best projects. These great players have promoted a challenge each with specific objectives.

Among the 15 finalists selected during the first semester, 5 have been identified that will have access to the next phase, followed by Digital Magics, in an incubation path with an investment of 150 thousand euro.

WiseTown was selected by the Ferrovie dello Stato group for the “Intermodal Mobility” challenge.

First edition of Business Meets Innovation | Siemens chooses WiseTown

Business Meets Innovation 2018

AHK Italien is the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce.
It launched the first edition of Business Meets Innovation, a start-up contest to favor the matching between the top-level innovation demand of the Italian-German business community and the offer of innovative Italian start-up solutions.

Business Meets Innovation - progetto#9

Each top player has defined one or more projects to be implemented using the innovative contribution of a start-up.

During the Winner’s Night December were awarded the winners of the ten technology challenge held by Robert Bosch, Concrete, MAN Truck & Bus Italy, Rödl & Partner and Siemens.

WiseTown won the  project#9 proposed by Siemens for the realization of a DASHBOARD SMART CITY PLATFORM, with which it has won the participation in a co-development project with an international team and at hub.berlin, one of the major European festivals for technology.

Thanks to the pilot in Independence, TeamDev receives in recognition of Assintel’s “Socio del mese” (Member of the Month) by using WiseTown.

“Socio del mese” on october 2018

“Il Socio del Mese” is a contest promoted by Assintel (National Association of ICT Enterprises of Confcommercio) to reward projects or companies among the members that stand out in their activities and original and excellent projects.
TeamDev proposed their candidacy by presenting the case study of WiseTown Situation Room which was employed in Independence (Oregon) during the celebrations for the American Independence Day, July 4, 2018.

Tra i progetti presentati, nel mese di ottobre 2018 la commissione di Assintel ha selezionato WiseTown come progetto vincente.

Il Pilot presentato alla candidatura del contest è stato premiato per le seguenti per le seguenti ragioni:

  • Chiarezza nella descrizione delle linee guida del progetto e dei suoi obiettivi
  • Strutturazione del progetto
  • Forte valore e impatto sociale sul territorio di riferimento

WiseTown Situation Room makes win the Government Innovation Awards to the city of Independence in Oregon

The 2018 Government Innovation Awards

The Government Innovation Awards are a recognition issued each year by the US Government with the aim of giving credit to those projects that have given a real and significant contribution in the public sector in the IT field, in terms of technological innovation.

Transformative technology that actually reinvents the government at the federal, state or local level.

There are three macro categories of the competition:

  1. Rising Stars
  2. Industry Innovators
  3. Public Sector Innovations

36 winning projects in the public sector, including federal, state and local agencies, featuring cutting-edge technologies and creative approaches to critical government missions.

The city of Independence in Oregon won in this category for the use of WiseTown Situation Room for monitoring and managing public safety during the city celebrations of the Independence Day on July 4th.

WiseTown first place for #odiamoglisprechi challenge 2017 at Philip Kotler Marketing Forum

#odiamoglisprechi 2017

The Philip Kotler Marketing Forum is the most important event of Strategic Marketing in Italy.

During the 2017 edition was launched a challenge  for startup, #odiamoglisprechi: the business plan competition promoted by E.ON.

The competition was born from a partnership between E.ON Italy and Nexo Corporation to reward and support entrepreneurial projects for energy efficiency.

Sabato 7 Ottobre 2017 in occasione del Philip Kotler Marketing Forum Italy (PKMF 2017), che si è svolto a Milano presso la sede dello IULM e che era incentrato quest’anno proprio sulla riduzione degli sprechi, si è svolta la selezione e premiazione tra i 9 finalisti.

WiseTown ha vinto il primo premio per le sue soluzioni per una città sempre più connessa e intelligente, aggiudicandosi il contributo di €7.500 da utilizzare per partecipare a un programma di mentoring e accelerazione presso l’Innovation Lab dell’Università IULM di Milano.

WiseTown and Independence win the Global City Team Challenge 2017

Global City Team Challenge 2017

Il Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) is a collaborative platform for the development of smart cities and communities, led by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in collaboration with other US federal agencies.

It allows local governments, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and companies around the world to form project teams, or “action clusters” and “SuperClusters”, to work on the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Applications of systems (CPS) within the city and the community environment, wants to be a bridge between communities and designers in order to implement networked technologies in urban planning and, finally, to create a “smart city”.

FIWARE Global City Team Challenge 2017

FIWARE led to the GCTC 2017 solutions “powered by” made by European organizations in order to create partnerships with cities and communities in North America.

WiseTown was nominated together with the city of Independence in Oregon. The Cluster won the challenge by winning a pilot with an investment of € 25,000 for the implementation of a system of monitoring and management of emergencies through WiseTown Situation Room for the city celebrations of the party of 4 July, an event that recalls in the American town over 20,000 people .