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“Every time we learn something new, we become a new person.”

L. Buscaglia

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The Civic Tech Academy offers opportunities of studies and training related to the Smart City


New technologies and Big Data contribute to the transitions towards a more sustainable and livable society. We believe that smart city projects can have a greater impact and that the ecosystem can be more effective by learning from each other and developing tools and skills that make the city smarter.

Understanding the potential of technology, as well as allowing the modernization of services, also brings efficiency in terms of management and development of the Smart City. The provided support can have a strong impact on the optimization of the resources, on the organization of the staff, on the timing of action, on the benefits for the environment, and a considerable economic saving.


The purpose is to offer skills and a cultural and methodological imprint for the enhancement of good practices and solutions that can allow cities of our communities become “smart”.

The Academy assists local authorities, giving them the necessary support to use information and communication technologies in order to trigger processes of social, environmental and organizational innovation, to adequately respond to the needs of all citizens, present and future.

Civic Tech Academy to improve the well-being of the citizens

Civic Tech refers to technologies aimed at informing, involving and connecting institutions with urban users in order to improve their well-being.

Civil technologies offer new channels to foster community participation in the improvement of urban services, encouraging them to assess the quality of public services and to identify and report problems to be solved. Users input may concern street surface potholes and cracks, non-functioning street lighting, flooding due to heavy precipitation or extreme weather events, etc. The integration of apps, platforms and social channels with the reporting systems leads to substantial savings in personnel costs and in the reduction of average intervention times.

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