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WiseTown supports the actors of urban transformations in the process of innovation, improvement and simplification of life in cities.

We are side by side with local administrators, public decision-makers, public and private bodies and actors from the third sector to offer them solutions to face different problems and needs related to the improvement of the local services and the quality of life.



Data Organization

To collect, organize and share urban data that are a fundamental ground on which to build innovative smart city services.

Decision Support

To provide timely and reliable decision support to public decision-makers both in the daily management of the city, and long-term planning processes.

Participative Democracy

Solutions to simplify the relationship and the communication between public administrations, citizens and companies.

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WiseTown has been supporting its data management solutions with a vast and articulated training program, the Civic Tech Academy. The goal of this ambitious program is to provide adequate cultural and methodological preparation for the use of technologies in the context of the smart city.

New webinar series

GAP | Agile management of the public administration

from 25th March to 6th May 2021

The cycle of seven Webinars will be an excellent opportunity to reflect and investigate together some aspects and nuances of these new challenges. Agile post-pandemic work, data management and IoT (Internet of Things), the Digital Twin and smart communities are just some of the scheduled meetings.

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Sustainable Digitalization

Let’s try to build resilient ecosystems, in search of a balance between human well-being, urban development, and care for the environment.

To keep under control the SDGs’ levels of our cities, and to support the planning of “urban roadmap to sustainability”dashboards and analytics tools are able to provide clear analysis and customized reports.

“Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”

11th Sustainable Development Goal adopted by all United Nations Member States

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