What is Civic Technology?

Academic definition:


Technology is the set of scientifically ordered technical knowledge that enables the design and creation of goods and services that facilitate adaptation to the environment and satisfy the essential needs and desires of mankind.


Civism (from the Latin civis, cittadino and civitas, civitatis, città) refers to the minimum standards of social behavior that allow us to live together in community and harmony.

Civic Technology

Civic Technology | civic technology is the tool or service created to live better together as a society

Thus, civic technology consists of practicing civilization through technology.

Let’s try to give a simpler definition: civic technology is the tool or service created to live better together as a society.

The most important task of Civic Technology is to foster attention to the exercise of citizenship and the improvement of our relationships as a society. Civic technology can be developed with many models of operation: through a company, collective, or as civil organizations, but basically it can have only two purposes:

  1. Promoting the openness of government to citizens: Government is the function in our society that is responsible for ensuring the well-being and coexistence of people. However, it is an institution historically opaque to citizens, to the point that we do not know how it works or how to cooperate with it. The tools that improve the participation of citizens in the government of the country are:
  • E- government
  • E-democracy
  1. Promoting Community Building: A community is a group of people who are united and working towards a common goal. The generation of communities in our cities allows us to improve our interactions and allows us to work to solve common problems, the categories of this technology are:
  • Reporting tools: Applications for reporting problems in the city, from lots to accidents.
  • Question and Answer Technologies: Websites for asking and answering questions about the city.
  • Open Civic Data Platforms: Applications for opening up community data. These platforms focus on opening up data by using the collective intelligence of their users and collecting data that is not exclusive to government.

Civic technologies

Geo Business Intelligence e Machine Learning

Geo Business Intelligence e Machine Learning

WiseTown uses Machine Learning techniques to improve the effectiveness of its predictive algorithms. The system processes large amounts of data in search of patterns and recurrences to create a model that is then re-applied to the input data, improving the predictions provided. These are automatic learning techniques through which the system continuously corrects and improves itself.

WiseTown is based on a Geo Business Intelligence engine that allows you to explore the spatial relationships between information, with particular attention to the distribution of data on the territory and their evolution over time.

Thanks to this WiseTown is a real Decision Support System able to help administrators to make the most correct decisions supported by objective information. The system processes and relates large amounts of extremely heterogeneous data from different sources. The results can be consulted through simple dashboards, easy to understand, able to analyze the evolution of phenomena in relation to time and territory, thus revealing correlations that otherwise would not be evident.

WiseTown implements ChatBot technology that allows citizens to use common messaging applications (Messenger, Telegram, etc.) to communicate with the public administration. It is an intelligent system that interprets the natural language and is able to respond consistently to requests. A direct and responsive channel, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, through which to request services, report problems, receive information and notifications.

WiseTown allows the public administration the correct management of its Open Data, thanks to the implementation of processes that comply with Italian and European guidelines and the highest industry standards.