WiseTown® Crowd Planning – Planning e Governance

WiseTown Crowd Planning allows City Government to inform citizens about different topics: public projects, cultural initiatives and other activities

Municipality shares on this platform its new projects using texts, images, and multimedia elements linked to urban cartography.

Citizen can reach an idea of the effect of new project and he can express a wise opinion.

In this way City Government can have in advance feedback from citizens about the future realization of the project.

City Government

  • Invites citizen to get informed and express his opinion
  • Shares new projects before they will be realized
  • Verifies feedback from citizen in advance


  • Takes part in decisional processes of the city
  • Understands, thanks to new projects, the evolution of the city over time
  • Expresses his opinion with awareness


  • New project publication (for City Gov)
  • Likes and comments (for citizen)
  • Comments control
  • Statistics
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