Civic Technologies

Technology at the service of the exercise of citizenship. Tools and reflections to support new relationships and communication between public administration and citizens.


Citizen involvement and participatory processes

Creating authentic participatory processes is increasingly important within our cities. Public Administrations around the world struggle to create authentic civic participation processes, in which citizens and authorities can cooperate to imagine and realize the future of their city. Too often, the actions taken by Public Administrations to try to involve citizens are ineffective and fail to create stable and reciprocal connections.

Civic technologies allow the main players of urban development – from political decision-makers to associations and individuals – to activate participatory decision-making processes and to communicate easily to improve the quality and effectiveness of the local policy. In this way, the Public Administration creates the conditions for a permanent democratic process in which citizens play a leading role.

Issue Manager

The path towards participatory democracy begins with the establishment of a direct line between citizens and local authorities. Our Issue Manager allows citizens to report current problems and emergencies in the city for a quick and direct reaction from public administrators, who can involve and assign specific activities to local operators more easily. In addition, the Issue Manager allows Public Administrations to communicate effectively with citizens to report information of public utility and collect feedback on urban planning and public policy proposals.

Trip Stories

Trip Stories is a set of services aimed at supporting Municipalities in the promotion of tourist and eco-tourist routes, through a system of integration of tourism with the city’s sensors and its open data. By adopting innovative technologies it is possible to facilitate the great mobility generated by tourism and implement environmental protection objectives. Tripstories aims to support small communities that disseminate information relevant to “green” mobility while integrating tourist services with mobility flows to improve the traveler experience.

Crowd Planning

Participation is fully achieved through the direct involvement of citizens in local decision-making processes. Our Crowdplanning tool allows local authorities to communicate with citizens about current and future public policy goals, with the possibility to gain feedback and generate engagement. This process can continue offline, thanks to the WiseTown Academy, through co-creation workshops that further narrow the gap between citizens and local politics for more community-centered local development.

Who is it for?

To public administrations that want to actively involve citizens in decision-making processes, to make public policies and urban development closer to the needs of the community.

To municipalities that aim to improve efficiency in solving urban problems through a tool that puts local authorities, citizens and local operators in direct contact.

To associations and other third sector actors who, thanks to the direct experience of local development dynamics, want to propose initiatives and involve citizens in their activities.

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