Data Management

Data management is a fundamental component of the path that leads to the smart city.

Our data management infrastructure responds to the need of local administrations to manage city data in a simple and efficient way.


Data and the city

Cities constantly generate huge amounts of data that are difficult to collect, analyse and interpret for Public Administrations. Without an adequate infrastructure capable of optimizing data management, smart city projects risk not achieving the desired results.
A widespread approach to smart city projects consists in the application of data-based digital technologies in specific areas such as mobility, environment and governance. However, in order to function effectively, these applications need an infrastructural layer to support the large amount of data generated and processed on a large scale. To optimize the management of urban data, it is essential that all digital initiatives of local administrations are integrated into a system that we call data management infrastructure. This infrastructure adapts to the specific needs of the city and makes it possible to enhance the enormous wealth of data held by public administrations and to implement digital and transparent administration models.

Our infrastructure

Our approach to the smart city starts from the creation of an efficient infrastructure capable of managing the large amount of data generated by the city in every moment. The open-source nature of our solution grants greater flexibility, making public investment safer and more transparent.

To be innovative, a data infrastructure in an urban context must meet certain requirements:

  • The openness offered by an advanced open-source core component
  • An effective security system to prevent damage and data loss
  • Proper management of citizens’ privacy
  • Adherence to the reference standards required at national and international level
  • Integration with existing digital assets in the Public Administration

WiseTown’s urban infrastructure is based on an open-source engine (the WiseTown Engine) that collects and processes data from the multiple applications of the Public Administration. Depending on the specific needs of cities, the data management infrastructure is adapted to integrate with the local digital system. This integration takes place both in the data storage systems (on local servers or in the cloud) and in the many services intended for citizens.


The application of the data management infrastructure has significant benefits for a city:

The rationalization of urban data management

The possibility of continuous improvement thanks to the open-source nature

The interoperability of digital processes

Management of open data and public databases

Adherence to national and European standards

An easier use of information about the city

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