Decision Support System

With innovative tools for the description and analysis of the dynamics taking place in the city, we provide valuable support to the decision-making phases of public administrations.


Support for strategic decision

The city is a complex system and poses ever more difficult challenges to planning. For this reason, it is essential to have a deep capacity for analysis and understanding of the dynamics taking place in our cities. DSS are tools that support this need by providing accurate analysis of our cities and becoming decision support tools for public administrators. The DSS, collecting data from multiple sources including sensors, satellites, and applications, returns a true representation of the city and is up to date, and allows in a short time to extract information useful for decision making.

DSS does not replace the decision-maker but provides the user with the information necessary to understand the problem and allow a data inspection formulated from the specific needs. In this way, they guarantee the acquisition of a greater awareness regarding the characters of the contingency, the criticality, and the potential of resolution.
In this way, the DSS succeed to optimize the decisional processes to the base of the urban planning and to improve the management of the times and the costs of the PA.

Times and sources of data

Our solutions can provide support in two distinct time horizons:

Real-time data for immediate use
Data constantly updated and used for analysis and correlations that make them usable over the long term.

Our tools are designed to integrate and correlate different data sources:

Data derived from social media and public or third-party applications
Open Data and data from statistical and cartographic sources
Data collected by satellites, sensors, and IoT systems;
Dss per gestione dei processi e informazioni in real-time

Situation Room

Immediacy and ease of use are essential in the management of emergency situations or major events.

Monitoring in real time what is happening in a given context, managing unexpected situations and being informed of the reactions of those who are in those places, are all factors that can be analysed and managed through the Situation Room platform. It is possible to integrate information from different sources, including IoT sensors, social networks and other applications of the WiseTown suite, linked to a specific city scenario.


Thanks to the analysis of various satellite, municipal and IoT sensor data sources, it is possible to have an extremely precise picture of territorial dynamics. Through GeoAnalitics the information can be managed and displayed in a simple and intuitive way. The system processes and relates large amounts of heterogeneous data from different sources, the results can be consulted through simple dashboards capable of analyzing the evolution of phenomena in relation to time and territory, thus also revealing correlations that otherwise would not be evident.

Thematic Dashboard

Environment, Health, Mobility, Urban Buildings, are just some of the issues that can be analyzed and kept under control thanks to this tool.

The goal is to provide clear analyzes and views on a specific aspect, through the integration of satellite data and open data. It is possible to purchase one or more thematic dashboards relating to particular areas, customizing the data and analyzes reported. This tool, thanks to the addition of data from the public administration, flows into Geo Analytics.

Who is it for?

To Public Administrations that serve as planners and intend to monitor large events.

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