Our approach to Open Source

WiseTown has always adhered to the open-source philosophy. Our approach to software development takes into consideration the need of Public Administrations for tools that are open and easily adaptable to each specific circumstance of the cities in which we operate.
For this reason, we have built WiseTown Core with an open-source architecture based on highly reliable tools that ensure maximum interoperability with other technologies used at urban level. To this end, we use open tools such as FIWARE modules to encourage the continuous improvement of our solutions and adaptation to the evolutionary dynamics of modern urban contexts.

Specifically, WiseTown Core, the suite of basic components of WiseTown, is released in open-source so that local administrations have the possibility of hooking up existing tools or commissioning the creation of applications specifically designed for the city. Indeed, in our vision, a smart city platform must allow startups and local service providers to fill the smart city ecosystem with their own solutions.