The Welcome Project

The Welcome project  ( created to empower city businesses by mastering the multi-source data of cities:

  • It promotes a participatory model for crowd monitoring on an urban scale and empowerment of the urban ecosystem with awareness of city dynamics.
  • It offers customized analytical solutions to guide decisions, strategies and economic impact assessment.
  • It supports citizens who conduct business activities in crowdsourcing and access to knowledge of the city dynamics that affect their business. They can become aware of the steps, rate of transformation and insights into people’s presence and composition, assess trends with respect to the city, improve its attractiveness and positioning accordingly, and contribute to the overall transformation of the city.


More generally, the project supports the ecosystems of cities (including agencies, hoteliers, restaurateurs, retailers) in understanding people’s presence, behaviour and their economic impact. Enabling multi-level urban data-based decision making, knowledge of crowdsourcing and personalized access to information.


Profit and non-profit actors can use WELCOME to gain a better understanding of urban/territorial dynamics and improve their competitive positioning. They can obtain value through customized data, forecasts and impact assessments, as well as the low cost due to the participatory scheme of our infrastructure. For example, the observations of people flows and the composition over time provided by WELCOME favour the customization of the service.

Culture, tourism and commerce benefit from the opening of new markets, increasing the attractiveness of the city.


TeamDev, thanks to its experience in Civic Tech and Smart City with the WiseTown solution (supporting vertical applications in key sectors of the smart city such as governance, economy, citizens’ life) has made a decisive contribution to the project, also thanks to its network of installations. In Italy the partners, including TeamDev, are already present in large cities (Turin, Florence), medium cities (Como, Perugia, Trento) and small cities (Assisi, Bassano).

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The Welcome project ended in December 2018.

These are the partners who collaborated in the project:

  • TU Delft
  • FBK
  • Telecom Italia
  • Politecnico di Milano
  • Olivetti
  • Fluxedo
  • TeamDev
  • Chainels

From this experimentation WiseTown has enriched its panel of solutions with a new product (TeamDev Telco Analytics, created in collaboration with Olivetti) and an updated version of an existing product (TeamDev Situation Room for Crowd Analytics, in collaboration with Fluxedo).

The Welcome project saw the active support of EIT DIGITAL.