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Western Days Independence 2018

Virtual Situation Room to monitor the security

of Independence Day : City of Independence (Oregon)

The city of Independence in Oregon adopts Situation Room for the management of Independence Day 2018 celebrations


In 2018, the security of the largest American public event, Independence Day, in the city of Independence, Oregon (USA), was monitored with the digital technology of TeamDev.

TeamDev has developed the “WiseTown – Situation Room” platform, an event management system that leverages FIWARE technology. Together with the city
of Independence, is one of the winners of the FIWARE GCTC Challenge 2017 promoted by NIST (U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology), FIWARE Mundus and FIWARE Foundation.
TeamDev and Independence were selected to create a Pilot that involved the use of the Situation Room platform for the event
of the Independence Day on July 4th, receiving a $ 25,000 prize.


Independence is a city of 8,600 inhabitants in the county of Polk, Oregon, in the United States, on the west bank of the Willamette River along the Oregon Route 51, and east of nearby Monmouth.

It is part of the Salem Metropolitan Statistical Area.


  • Manage the safety of Independence Day, American National Day.
  • Monitor the clumps of people to avoid crowds.
  • Collect citizens’ reports.
  • Act in real time directly in the field.
  • Integrate data coming from sensors in the city
  • Being able to interact in a single point with multiple information flows
  • Monitor the management of problems by centralized direction

During the 4 days of celebrations of 4th July, the City of Independence of 8,600 inhabitants can host over 20,000 in an area of 7.30 km 2.
During the event, security is a major concern for the administration of the city, above all because the staff available for the management of an event of such proportions is under number.

The city institutions are very sensitive to progress and innovation, have the ambition to combine the tradition of the place made of history, culture and anniversaries, with the exceptional opportunities coming from new technologies.


WiseTown Situation Room

WiseTown® Situation Room is a platform composed of mobile components, an interface with social networks and a geographical control dashboardthat provides considerable assistance in the management of emergencies and events, showing in real time what is happening in a given scenario. It integrates and processes information related to a specific place from different sources, as IoT sensors, social networks and other data collection applications. From their interpretation it is possible to obtain useful information for decision making, which are made by sending tasks to specific and qualified staff located in the territory.

Through Situation Room it is possible to monitor and detail an event based on its spatial and temporal characteristics.

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  • Monitor the safety of an event and prevent dangerous situations
  • Possibility to involve various figures simultaneously
  • Speed up intervention practices
  • Optimize communication with citizens and collect their reports
  • Possibility of integrations with third-party solutions
  • Zero impact installation on the territory

The Situation Room Platform has enabled the event to be monitored in real time and monitored by people’s densification, traffic management and communication with citizens.

WiseTown Situation Room a Independence

Customer Review

«Security is always a concern, and we don’t have enough people locally to manage an event this large. WiseTown represents an effective way to monitor and support our event operations »
Shawn Irvine Economic Development Director at City of Independence, ORShawn Irvine, Economic Development Director , City of Independence

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