RAI Umbria, reportage aired on 28 march 2018 at 19:30

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Valeria Radiconcini: “On the 4th of july in Independence, Oregon, the celebrations last three days. To monitor the security, the city will collaborate with a software house from Perugia (Italy), that will provide the application Situation Room.”

Massimiliano Gaudenzi: “It collects data from various sensors that we are going to place around the city. We will certainly have security cameras, to visually check what happens in real time. We will have crowd sensors that monitor assembly of persons in certain areas and thus prevent dangerous situations. Among the data we are able to use, there are data collected from social networks, such as twitter and facebook.”

Valeria Radiconcini: “It was a winning Pilot project, funded by the European Community, that put them in touch with the US city. Situation Room is just one of the products of the technological ecosystem created to help smart cities to manage the territory.”

Andrea Cruciani: “Wise Town is a set of applications that optimize urban communication and services. It enables citizens to communicate directly and immediately with the Public Administration. The Public Administration can take charge of the citizens’ requests and use all the data that are collected, even those collected by sensors, to optimize the quality of life in the cities.”


Valeria Radiconcini: RAI Journalist

Andrea Cruciani: CEO and Software Architect

Massimiliano Gaudenzi: Product Manager