Situation Room to monitoring and managing

the visitors flow : Festival of Eurochocolate

Eurochocolate uses Situation Room to monitoring the visitors flow during the 25° edition of event 


From 19th to 28th October 2018 a lot of visitors visited Perugia for the most important national event on chocolate: Eurochocolate 2018, 25° edition. Eurochocolate is the festival dedicated to chocolate and cocoa that takes place every year in Perugia, Umbria. The event lasts ten days and runs along the main streets and squares of the historic city center. A large number of people generate a big amount of data, but these are very difficult to use. A particular technology allows to collect this large amount of data (Big Data) that can be processed, analyzed (Analysis) and made

understandable. In particular, it is possible to verify the geographical correspondence between information and places, in order to correlate the spatial interconnection between information on specific infrastructures (GIS systems).

The analysis of these data, mostly geo-referenced, is an important resource for urban planning during important events.


Eurochocolate is an annual event dedicated to the culture of chocolate.

Founded in 1994, today it is the largest and most important chocolate event in Europe thatattracts almost a million visitors.


  • Study the city presence of certain categories of people: male/ female, age group, regional origin
  • Study the flow of movement of people within the city (shuttles, minimetrò, bus, car)
  • Study the flows of access to the city on the main transport routes (expressways and railways)
  • Understanding how the flows of people belonging to different contemporary citizen events intersect (Eurochocolate, fun fair, market, sports match)
  • Comparison of Eurochocolate 2018 data with the old edition of Eurochocolate 2018

During the 10 days of the event a large number of people who also come from outside the region convey in the streets and squares of the historic center of the city, using the car parks, the train station and the subway station. The direction of the event needed to monitor the flow of these movements to ensure the safety of people. And to know the statistics related to the categories of people for communication and future planning purposes.


WiseTown Situation Room

WiseTown® Situation Room is a platform composed of mobile components, an interface with social networks and a geographical control dashboard that provides considerable assistance in the management of emergencies and events, showing in real time what is happening in a given scenario.

During Eurochocolate it was used to perform geographical analysis to understand the concentration of people at different times of the day. The pilot project which, in addition to WiseTown, also involves Olivetti and Tim, is coordinated by Welcome project and requires Olivetti to provide Situation Room with anonymous and aggregated data from TIM mobile network, in full accordance with privacy laws.


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  • Increase security by monitoring the concentration of people
  • Optimize the flow of access to the city and city mobility
  • Provide data for planning future events and city planning
  • Identify problems of traffic and travel on “unofficial” roads
  • Monitor information from a single point and with different users

The Situation Room Platform was able to analyze the presences flows during the Eurochocolate event, providing important informations to use in order to communication, security, planning, and monitoring.

Eurochocolate conferenza-stampa-chiusura | dati con WT Situation Room

Customer review

Monitoring the flow of people recorded by the Situation Room is a matter of great interest, it has allowed us to combine the qualitative considerations to those techniques and to make that information available to the security organs, in order to evaluate the corrective actions to be implemented in course of the next editions, so that we can enjoy the event in maximum safety.
Bruno Fringuelli, General Director Eurochocolate, Eurochocolate







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