16-17 May 2018 | Ergife Palace Hotel | Aurelia Street 619, 00165 Rome

Conferenza Esri Italia dedicata al tema The Science of Where paradigma dell’Italia 5.0

erfige hotel roma esri italia 2018 wisetownThe Esri Italia Conference is the most important national event in the field of Geospatial Technologies, Geolocation and Geomatics.

The event involves about two thousand people and offers the attendees a unique opportunity to have more information about the possibilities to boost their business.

This year’s edition will be dedicated to the theme “The Science of Where paradigm of Italy 5.0“. The Society 5.0 or Information Society considers digital transformation a vehicle to enhance the quality of life and to promote a shared and enlarged society. The big data and the technology give support to people and favor the development of strategic areas such as transportation, environment and agriculture.


Esri Italia Conference promote Urban Regeneration and Sustainability

The Esri Italia Conference confers the possibility of deepening the theme of the rescue of urban spaces and the sustainable development of the cities.

Topics to be discussed: citizen service, enhancement of the territory, new technologies for urban planning, urban sustainability transformations, redevelopment.


WiseTown takes part in the Esri Italia Conference

WiseTown will participate in the event with the “SituationRoom” Platform, an innovative solution able to monitor everything that happens in the city: public and urban mobility, events, concerts, etc.

The system is able to monitor situations circumscribed by space and time, acquiring data from heterogeneous sources: reports from citizens, IoT, open data, social networks and pre-existing data archives.

At the WiseTown stand we will illustrate the functionalities of our technologies aimed at a sustainable development of the smart city.


WiseTown: Smart City technology for the Municipality of Pegognaga

tecnologia Smart City per il Comune di Pegognaga - situation roomDuring the Conference a particular attention is dedicated to the presentation of the best cases histories. On the agenda there will also be the speech of the mayor of Pegognaga, Dimitri Melli, on Smart City technology adopted in his city.

The city of Pegognaga has been identified to test the digital platform “WiseTown” that allows a new way of dialogue between citizens and public administration.

The innovative technology, created by TeamDev, software house from Perugia, allows the access to a virtual reality that provide basic information as flows, weather forecast, pollution, traffic situation and also complaints from citizens: malfunctions, inefficient services, accidents, etc.

Everything is managed in real time by an intelligent system that in addition of sorting out any digital practices and requests, will allow us to predict possible solutions.


Conference speeches on urban regeneration and sustainability:

  • Dimitri Melli, Municipality of PegognagaWiseTown: Smart City technology for the Municipality of Pegognaga
  • Michele Campagna, University of CagliariGeodesign: new approaches for the territorial project
  • Marco Redini, Municipality of PisaThe three main advantages of using WebGIS as an important tool of the environment management
  • Luisa Santini, University of  Pisa A GIS for urban regeneration: the ELECTRE 3 method for the redevelopment of three barracks in Pisa
  • Maria Chiara Sole, ISPRAThe benefits of GIS in the school career: a case study
  • Francisco Pena, WARREDOC – University for Foreigners of PerugiaGeospatial Data Intelligence for the development and promotion of urban ecosystems with a resilient water management
  • Katiuscia Eroe, Legambiente OnlusCIVIC 5.0 – Another way of living in a condominium
  • Antonio De Lorenzo, Imago EdizioniUrban representation of the pattern project Città del sole di Roma
  • Damiano Abbatini, ISTATCartographic tools to support the new Register of Buildings and Residences of Istat


To know more about the Event visit the website of the Esri Italia Conference


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