Locandina Programma dei festeggiamenti per l'Independence DayThe Independence Day of the United States is the major national holiday in the United States. The national holiday commemorates July 4, 1776, the day on which the thirteen American colonies declared their independence from Great Britain, adopting and drawing up the Declaration of Independence.

In the city of Independence, Oregon, this year the celebrations last 4 days. The program, full of events, includes parades, musical performances, picnics and barbecues, to conclude with spectacular fireworks.


More security thanks to the SituationRoom platform


This year’s edition of the Holiday presents an absolute novelty in terms of safety: the technology will play a decisive role in the management and monitoring of the Independence Day. The geographical dashboard SituationRoom  will represent a considerable aid for the real-time management of the event. This tool will in fact allow to keep under control every sensitive aspect of the event, with particular reference to communication, traffic and safety.


The functioning of the  geographical dashboard SituationRoom


The operations center

Event management system Situation Room Creare e assegnare task

Situation Room: Assign Tasks

The SituationRoom platform represents a sort of centralized brain that collects the necessary information and then distributes it to the various operators involved in the organization of the holiday (city staff, volunteers, police forces, etc.).

Each team member have the possibility to access the dashboard and manage the administrative part of its competence: view analysis and reporting, have an overview of the data on the map, manage and assign alerts.


Data collection

The instructions that arrive at the operation center are based on data from IoT sensors, open data, video surveillance of the area and geo-reference Tweets. The information, collected and processed by SituationRoom, provide very useful elements on the crowd density, traffic situation, road conditions, etc.

Issues from citizens

Issue Manager raccoglie le segnalazioni dei cittadini - wise town

Situation Room: Issues from citizens

Another primary function of SituationRoom represents the possibility for citizens to make alerts through an app, social networks or access to the IssueManager web portal, created specifically for the purpose.


How does the collaboration begin

WiseTown in collaboration with the city of Independence have devised a winning Smart Project, able to facilitate the management of the big celebration. The Pilot, considered very innovative, was financed by FIWARE, the European business accelerator, official partner of the Global City Teams Challenge.

Global City Teams Challenge – FIWARE Challengers in the US