WiseTown GeoAnalytics – Decision Support System.

WiseTown GeoAnalytics is a decision support system.

It integrates data from IoT sensors, social networks and apps obtaining information in order to plan future intervention strategies in the city.

Understanding data and using it to support decisions

WiseTown GeoAnalytics allows City Government to analyze the incidence and evolution of events occurring in the territory.

It is a Decision Support System which helps to improve urban planning and city management.

WiseTown GeoAnalytics uses the most innovative statistical techniques and employs them together with geospatial data. It is able to realize temporal analysis in order to understand the evolution of events.

Thanks to correlation analysis it is able to study connections between different events.

City Government

  • Analyzes the incidence of events
  • Analyzes the evolution of events over time
  • Simulates future scenario thanks to forecast models


  • Takes advantage of a smart city planning and management


  • Data acquisition
  • Analysis
  • Forecast models
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