WiseTown® Good Sharing

WiseTown Good Sharing is a geographic web platform for management of free goods exchange. It wants to support the practice of re-using things.

Our society pushes us to throw away things such as dresses, tools, toys, electronics, etc. before they have a real usury. Contrary to his inclination, WiseTown Good Sharing helps to share things which don’t have a real usury yet.

WiseTown Good Sharing supports the respect for our environment and good relationships between people.


  • Makes a offerings showcase available
  • Develops social network
  • Promotes re-use practice
  • Optimizes management costs


  • Consults offerings
  • Inserts offerings and requests
  • Receives notices and alerts


  • Offerings and requests addition
  • Exchanges management
  • Loans and returns
  • Moderation
  • Collection point management
  • Notices