WiseTown Situation Room among the winners of GIA 2018 for “Virtual Situation Room” category

gia2018_logoInternet, GPS and unmanned aerial systems. Machine learning, the advanced analytics that feeds the data-driven economy, are all technologies made possible by research funded by the U.S. government.

The technology adopted by the public sector is highly innovative, often much more than it is actually perceived by citizens. The Government Information Awards 2018 aim to give public sector innovators the credit they deserve for the technological contribution they can make indirectly to all of humanity.

These awards (formerly known as GCN’s Discovery and Innovation in Government IT, or dig IT, Awards) focus on digital transformation that goes beyond the adoption of new technologies and allows to deliver services, live experiences, process, and make accessible large amounts of content by creating pervasively new connections between people places and things.

The 36 winners of the Public Sector Innovations award come from a wide range of fields, from mission enablers based on artificial intelligence, to cloud-based reinvention, to cybersecurity workforce development. In some cases, the technology itself is transformative, while in others it is the creative use of new tools that changes the rules of the game. In all cases it is evident how innovation can drastically improve the work of the government.

This year’s winners will be invited to the official dinner on 8 November.  The full list of winners can be found on the official website of the Government Innovation Awards.


Wise Town Situation Room is one of the winning technologies.

In 2018, the security of America’s largest public event, Independence Day, at City of Independence, was digitally monitored. The platform: an event management system based on Fiware Tech, monitored the public administration and citizens to ensure security during the July 4 celebrations.

The pilot realized by TeamDev and City of Independence, thanks to Fiware Foundation, Fiware Mundus through the Fiware GCTC prizeEit Digital through the Welcome project and the European Commission, has not gone unnoticed, enhancing a very fruitful intercontinental collaboration.

The solution has proved to be effective and replicable in any urban context, both for the daily monitoring of municipalities and to make more efficient the security of particularly crowded events.

WiseTown Situation Room a Independence