Umbria TV news report aired on Tuesday, the 8th of May 2018 at 13:00, 19:00, 20:00.

It’s umbrian, based in Perugia, located on Settevalli street, the Company that will support through an app the security system of the city of Independence, Oregon, United States. The app will be used during the commemoration on the 4th of July, the American National Day that celebrates the history and the institutions of the United States.

It’s called TeamDev the young software house from Perugia that will provide the stars and stripes city administration the application to efficiently and safely manage the big event, Lisa Malfatto.


Lisa Malfatto: “It is called WiseTown, the platform that the company from Perugia, TeamDev, has designed to support smart cities that want to take advantage of digital technologies.”


Massimiliano Gaudenzi: “WiseTown means the wise city. When a city becomes wise? A city becomes wise when it is aware of the information and data that is generated within the city and the city life and above all, it is able to use this information to improve the citizens’ lives.”


Lisa Malfatto: “The idea of the Perugian software house has been appreciated by the Americans as well. The city of Independence, Oregon, has chosen to rely precisely on WiseTown for the security of the event on the 4th of July.”


Massimiliano Gaudenzi: “Practically, we will interface with their security cameras. We will also install crowd sensors. The whole system will also be integrated with social networks, so we will have tweet indications in real time. We will see what people are exchanging at that moment, in order to have under control all the aspects concerning this event.”
Mariana Minascurta: “WiseTown is a brand of TeamDev, a software house from Perugia, founded in 2008. Working on various IT projects for the Public Administration, TeamDev perceives that on many circumstances the citizen isn’t involved in urban decisions. So the founders of TeamDev decide to create a new brand, WiseTown precisely, to create technologies that can support the development of smart cities. Essentially, using technologies we can analyze and monitor various areas of the smart city.”

Umbria TV Journalist :  Lisa Malfatto

Product Manager of WiseTown: Massimiliano Gaudenzi

Marketing and Communication: Mariana Minascurta

Photos: Filippo Benedetti Valentini