Civic technologies

WiseTown uses Machine Learning tecniques to improve the effectiveness of its forecast algorithms. The system processes a big amount of data searching for schemes and recurring events used to improve provided forecasts. They are automatic learning techniques used by the system to improve itself.

WiseTown is based on Geo Business Intelligence that allows to explore spatial connections between information, focusing on data distribution in a specific area and their evolution over time.

For this reason, WiseTown is a Decision Support System able to help City Government make the best decisions, supporting them with objective information. The system processes and links a big amount of data coming from several sources. Results are available in simple dashboards that analyze the evolution of events in time and space, showing not evident correlations.

WiseTown uses ChatBot technology that allows citizens to use the common message applications (Messenger, Telegram, etc.) to “chat” with City Government. This is an intelligent system able to understand natural language and to answer questions. An open 24/7 tool used to report issues, receive information and notices.

WiseTown allows City Government a good Open Data management thanks to framework following Italian and European guidelines.

Open Standards

open data
open api
open 311

Our history with Fiware

finodexWiseTown ranked as one of the final top project in Finodex Accelerator due to its Open data and Open Standards (Open311, OpenAPI) usage.  Thanks to the Fiware initiative our team has been involved in Fiware Mundus initiatives, such as the GCTC Tech Jam in Washington DC and the GCTC in Austin, where we took part in together with one of our early adopters, City of Perugia.

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Powered by Fiware

WiseTown is Powered by Fiware certified

About FIWARE IoT Ready Programme

Thousands of startups, SMEs and individual developers worldwide are working out their solutions based on FIWARE opensource platform components at present.
FIWARE IoT Ready program aims to enlarge our open ecosystem connecting relevant IoT hardware producers as technology providers to our large base of developers.


On January, 2017 WiseTown have obtained Fiware IoT Ready certifications.


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