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Esri Italia Conference: Urban Regeneration and Sustainability

During the Conference a particular attention is dedicated to the presentation of the best cases histories. On the agenda there will also be the speech of the mayor of Pegognaga, Dimitri Melli, on Smart City technology adopted in his city.

News report of Umbria TV channel on Wise Town Technology

It’s umbrian, based in Perugia, located on Settevalli street, the Company that will support through an app the security system of the city of Independence, Oregon, United States.

Special report of RAI Umbria on Wise Town Technology

RAI Umbria news channel reporting on Wise Town that flies to the USA to monitor the security of Independence Day


"GCTC enables local governments, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, technologists, and corporations from all over the world to form project teams to work on groundbreaking Internet of Things (IoT) applications within the city and community environment. [...] “Perugia, Smart City model in the USA”

"A trip to the United States to showcase its smart technology solutions and promote future partnerships between cities on the two sides of the Atlantic, which can have an economic and employment impact directly on [...]

TrentoToday: ‘EIT Digital inaugura a Trento la prima demo room per conoscere gli effetti della “trasformazione digitale”’

"Per raccontare al meglio questo fenomeno, che prende il nome di "trasformazione digitale", EIT Digital inaugurerà il 12 aprile alle 12.30, nella sede di Trento, una demo room in cui verranno mostrati prodotti e servizi [...]

Present in the new “Demo Room” of EIT Digital

"A new "demo room" will open in the EIT Digital Trento node. On Wednesday 12th April, Director Roberto Saracco will inaugurate an area designed to showcase nine initiatives supported by the organization that are expected to [...]

News by “UmbriaDomani”, the site of Umbrian politics

«Perugia, la TeamDev cresce e va alla conquista dell’Europa» [Perugia, TeamDev grows up and goes out to conquer Europe] "L’azienda umbra ha varato una piattaforma di analisi per big data dedicata alla pubblica Amministrazione." [The [...]

From European Data Portal report “Re-using Open Data”, WiseTown case study

Throughout Europe, more and more Open Data is available for re-use. Re-using Open Data - A study on companies transforming Open Data into economic & societal value In this report, the transformation of Open Data [...] “Italian scaleup TeamDev joins EIT Digital Accelerator”

«Italian scaleup, TeamDev, the developer of ‘WiseTown’ a big data analytics platform for city planners, has joined the EIT Digital Accelerator to assist their plans for growth and to gain access to new European markets. [...]

MilanoFinanza: “TeamDev: entra in acceleratore EIT Digital”

«La scaleup italiana TeamDev, che ha sviluppato la piattaforma di big data analytics "WiseTown" dedicata alle PA locali, entra a far parte dell'acceleratore EIT Digital per supportare i propri piani di crescita e accedere a [...] «Impresa umbra “accelera” in Ue»

Our local press also writes about us and our successes: «La piattaforma, adottata anche dal Comune di Perugia, è ora entrata a far parte dell’acceleratore EIT Digital, un’organizzazione di open innovation leader a livello europeo. [...]

Data Manager Online: “La scaleup italiana TeamDev entra nell’acceleratore EIT Digital”

«La scaleup vanta una lunga esperienza nelle scienze geografiche e ambientali, agricoltura e smart city e ha appena sviluppato WiseTown, una piattaforma di analytics per big data dedicata alla pubblica amministrazione. [...] Andrea Cruciani, CEO [...]

Good news: WiseTown in EIT Digital Accelerator

We are excited to announce that EIT Digital Accelerator will support us. EIT Digital is a leading European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation driving Europe’s digital transformation.     «Italian scaleup, TeamDev, the developer [...]


« FIWARE was in the middle of such meeting point, as a Global Partner of the main international summit of discussion about the technological revolution happening in our cities.»   Read more here or download the [...]

Down towards Barcelona with Fiware: “FIWARE AT THE SCEWC 2016”

«Nine demos powered by FIWARE are already confirmed. […] WiseTown suite, developed by TeamDev, a solution able to identify and manage the issues that are affecting the city. The demo will show how the system…» [...]

#MyFiwareStory: here entire story dedicated to us

Last week Fiware reserved for us a place of honor telling our success story. Read the Success Story told on Fiware blog: or download the .pdf > myfiwarestory-wisetown_-city-quality-enhancer-fiware  

New #FIWARE Success Story about us

Incoming the chronicle of the success story created by Fiware dedicated to WiseTown.   This is an anticipation of entire story: "During the years TeamDev doubled the effort to put these skills in two vertical [...]

“El Candelero Tecnológico”, portal of information on technologies, reviews the ten Fiware best companies

"La aceleradora de proyectos TIC basados en datos abiertos, FIWARE FINODEX, ha elegido los diez proyectos de su segunda convocatoria que acceden ya a la cuarta y última fase del proceso y que, además de [...]

“Webnews” for WiseTown

The important italian web magazine "Webnews" dedicated to technological innovation publishes a piece on "WiseTown". "WiseTown: an Italian project for the smart city A platform cloud-based and designed to capture, organize and categorize information regarding [...]

We are on Founder’s Guide

"How can we use technology to improve society? The answer lies in merging people, process and technology to create a “smart city”. " WiseTown on Founder's Guide.   Read more here: or download the [...]

The FIWARE teams will be invited to present their initiatives at GCTC 2016

WiseTown brings the case study of the Perugia city. "These activities are part of the FIWARE Mundus efforts to promote and extend FIWARE beyond Europe, and more in particular, strengthen the cooperation between European and [...]