Situation Room, the events management technology

Geographical dashboard Situation Room

Situation Room is a geographical dashboard that provides assistance to the Public Administration in the field of emergency management and events in general. The innovative technological platform provides to manage the events efficiently and safely, facilitating the intervention practices. It shows in real time what is happening in a given scenario and the reactions of the participants.

Main objectives:

  • Collection and categorization of the information flows related to a specific territory.
  • Real Time analysis of the collected information and the taken actions.
  • Internal or third Party Management System of citizen’s reports.
Situation Room - dashboard geografica per la gestione degli eventi - WiseTown

How does Situation Room works

The system selects only the elements relevant to the event and is able to monitor situations demarcated in space and time, acquiring data from heterogeneous sources: citizen alerts, IoT sensors, open data, georeferenced social media posts, pre-existing data archives, and urban video surveillance.

For a easier viewing of the activities to be monitored, the platform allows to set up a different configuration of access to the various sections of the dashboard. Thus, in case of confusion among the crowd or incidents, the representatives of the public administration, volunteers or law enforcement agencies can intervene promptly.

At the same time, citizens have the opportunity to report issues to the authorities through an app, social networks or access to the Issue Manager web portal, created specifically for this purpose.

Technology used

Situation Room is based on Cloud Technology, Geo Business Intelligence and Machine Learning tools. It aims to enhance the information flows related to the management of the emergency, making it available to the monitoring department, thus giving to the Public Administration a complete view of the situations.

The application is based on an ESRI cartographic dashboard and gives the possibility to integrate it with feature layers created in ArcGIS Online. This operation allows to display data based on a scenario, delimiting the situation to be monitored and managed in space and time.

Technology benefits

The Public Administration

  • Checks the evolution of the situation thanks to the integration of heterogeneous information in real time.
  • Intervenes promptly alerting qualified resources.
  • Verifies the effectiveness of interventions

The citizen

  • Reports issues occurring in a specific situation.
  • Receives feedback about the progression of the event


  • Definition of a specific situation.
  • Real time Geographical dashboard with the possibility of displaying heterogeneous data layers.
  • Issue assignment.
  • Issue resolution notification.
  • Customized access.
  • IoT, Open Data, Social Network and database integration.
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