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Situation Room :: Geographical dashboard for events management

Situation Room is a geographical dashboard that provides assistance in the emergency management and events in general. It shows in real time what is happening in a given scenario and the reactions of the participants.

It allows to make visible both from the control center than from the operating position the information-flow related to the management of an emergency or an event in town, providing the Room Manager with a comprehensive knowledge framework of real-time situations.

Immediacy and ease of use are essential in emergencies and big events management.


When big events take place in urban areas with large numbers of people at a given time and space, it is very important for the Security being able to control monitoring quickly and easily, to intervene promptly in case of need. It must have access simultaneously to a vision both global and accurate of what is happening in real time.


Situation Room is a cloud solution available via web. Authorized users have access to a dashboard chart that allows real-time visualization directly on the map. They can be organized in groups.

Here an example of the available information:

  • Groups of alerts, coming from the Issue Manager module. They are possibly filtered by type, without moderation;
  • Geo-referenced posts on social media;
  • Open Data;
  • Data from IoT sensors.


Through the application you can take charge of event reports or emergency situations as soon as they appear, you can also assign messages to other users, even outside organizations, and be notified when these situations were resolved.

The advantages of Situation Room:

Situation Room for:

Room Manager

  • Checksthe evolution of the situation thanks to the integration of heterogeneous information in real time.
  • Intervenes promptly by alerting qualified resources.
  • Verifies the effectiveness of interventions

The citizen

  • Reports issues occurring in a specific situation.
  • Receives feedback about the development of events


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