Smart Urban Pioneers idea contest is an event promoted by Mercedes-Benz and SXSW which takes place at Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) from 15t to 17 September.

Smart launched the first edition of its idea contest last year, looking for the most innovative projects for the urban future. For this second rounf of smart urban pioneers, Smart once again invites “pioneers” and innovators with lofty ideas in smart city field to submit their proposal for innovative urban solutions.

WiseTown is one of the 12 finalists, pre-selected by the contest’s expert jury, which will get the chance to pitch their solutions…in a moving smart electric drive!

The business ideas are divided into three categories: “Urban Living Solutions” (WiseTown is in), “Urban Electrical Solution“, “Urban Environmental Solution“.

On 15-16 September 2017 early elimination rounds will take place at the smart booth, 17 September final and award ceremony.

Fingers crossed!