Focus on Smart City to improve the quality of citizens’ life

Smart City is an urban area that in its planning and development, integrates environmental, economic, productive and cultural characteristics, with a view to innovation. Technology plays an important role in the development of the cities, allowing the acceleration of their evolution processes in a smart key.

Smart City
Fields of the Smart City
WiseTown Technological Solutions

Smart City, a digital reality

Smart City is an inherently digital city, crowded by computer networks that constantly permeate the territory and everyday life of citizens to ensure sustainable development and a better quality of life.

The term smart is strongly focused on human intelligence, a key element of the new urban habitat. Through the use of technologies the city must respect the needs of its inhabitants, improving their lives.

Exploiting the potential of technologies, allow the modernization of services and in addition brings efficiency in terms of management and development of the Smart City.

The provided support can have a strong impact on the optimization of resources, organization of the staff, timing of action, benefits for the environment, allowing as well significant savings.

The areas of interest of the Smart Cities

Here are the fields that contribute to the creation of the Smart Cities, used by the European Union as a ranking factor:

Smart Governance


Smart Living


Smart Environment


Smart Mobility


Smart People


Smart Economy


Wise Town, the best solution for the Smart City

soluzioni wise town

Wise Town, the best solution for the Smart City

WiseTown intends, thanks to Civic Tech and Gov Tech, to provide effective olutions to innovate the service of the territory and public administrations.

The potential of the suite of applications, maid available by Wise Town, can be used in many urban areas, ranging from energy efficiency to environmental sustainability, from land monitoring to security and public mobility, with a positive impact on citizens’ lives, on companies’ activity of and e-government services.

WiseTown technological solutions to support the development of the Smart City Model: