Trento Smart City Week to foster New Technologies

Palazzo pretorio Trento smart city week 2018Trento Smart City Week, the Festival dedicated to services and initiatives aimed at simplifying life of the citizen, will take place from 12th to 15th April 2018. The event, promoted by the Consortium of Trento Municipalities, in synergy with the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Bruno Kessler Foundation, the University of Trento, IEEE and many other organizations in the area, has the purpose of spreading the culture of innovation and new technologies, involving local and national institutions, scientific and academic communities and especially citizenship.


In Trento Smart City Week don’t miss the opportunity to meet WiseTown

WiseTown will be present at the event, to illustrate its cutting edge technological solutions, oriented to the development of smart cities. In the Eit Digital stand it will be possible to view the demo of the WiseTown technological platforms and to have more details on the Civic Tech and GovTech tools.

The Wise Town suite includes numerous High Tech Products:

  • Situation Room that allows you to collect and interpret data to monitor and manage the emergencies of urban events.
  • GeoAnalytics that processes and integrates data collected by IoT sensors and social networks to help planning intervention strategies in the city.
  • CrowdPlanning that can be used by the Municipalities for share information about events, public projects and other works, directly with the citizens.
  • IssueManager enables the citizen to make reports, allowing the Municipality to assign them to the right offices.
  • GoodSharing to manage the free exchange of goods between citizens and Tripstories to promote touristic routes within the city.

The Program of Smart City Week 2018

Programma del festival Trento Smart city week 2018 Wise Town partnerThe thematic focus of this edition will be participation, well defined by the motto ‘The hope of belonging’. Urban reality is perceived as a place where everyone can actively contribute to the improvement of common well-being.

The new edition will offer a lot of events divided into four sections that will alternate on the days of the event. The Festival has in fact scheduled 140 appointments, with 180 speakers involved in 16 different locations in the city.

Citizens and visitors will be able to know the news about services and initiatives of the smart city and especially to listen to interesting testimonies.

Themes and challenges of the smart city will be proposed and discussed through round tables, informative seminars, demonstrations and interactive workshops, in the spaces set up in Piazza Duomo. There will also be an exhibition area where to the visitors will be presented smart services that city and territory offer.


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