The Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) Expo is one of the most important global event for Smart Cities technologies and IoT.

This year GCTC will bring together over 100 cities and communities around the world in partnership with more than 300 companies, universities, non-profits, and federal government agencies to share and exhibit their smart city projects and the impacts to their communities.

WiseTown takes part in GCTC 2017 as a solution powered by Fiware .

We remember that TeamDev has joined the FIWARE Foundation as a Gold Member and Andrea Cruciani is in the Board of Directors.

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[Il Global City Teams Challenge (GCTC) Expo è uno degli eventi globali più importanti per le tecnologie Smart Cities e IoT.

Quest’anno il GCTC riunirà più di 100 città e comunità di tutto il mondo in partnership con più di 300 aziende, università, no-profits e agenzie di governo federali per mostrare e condividere i loro progetti smart cities e l’impatto di questi sulle loro comunità.

WiseTown partecipa al GCTC 2017 come soluzione powered by Fiware.

Ricordiamo che TeamDev è Gold Member di Fiware Foundation e che Andrea Cruciani fa parte del Board of Directors]

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