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Issue Manager :: Management of citizens’ reports

Issue Manager is a managed reporting collection system. Citizens and operators can report problems encountered anywhere in the city using their mobile devices, the system reorganizes the issues and forwards them to the qualified office.

It helps public authorities to streamline the process of resolving urban problems. Issue Manager uses an automated process that provides support for organizing data and making information available to the appropriate office.

Management of alerts and resolution workflow


Active participation in political and social life is one of the main components of inclusion in society, provided also among the “obligations of solidarity” in the Italian Constitution. But supporting and promoting active citizen participation by the institutions, however, has often practical and technological limitations. Collecting the reports of inefficiency, for example, is crucial to be able to intervene in the resolution, but not always relies on a lean workflow.

Gathering the issues sent by citizens becomes a process that often complicates the workflow and the intervention of the institutions, sending negative feedback to citizens, who feel deprived of their active contribution.



WiseTown Issue Manager allows citizens or operators who works on the road to report any problems, failures and daily difficulties. They can report different issues from anywhere in the city using an app or a web portal, related by images, geographical location and additional notes.

The solution manages all the warnings, an automatic process analyzes them, eventually making merges, and sorts these ones to the qualified office. It avoids burdening the Administration for this phase of data acquisition. Citizen receives a notice when the issue will be solved.

Advantages of  Issue Manager

Issue Manager for:

City Government

  • Engages actively citizens
  • Simplifies processes of issue management
  • Answers citizen with problem resolution


  • Takes part in city management reporting issues and disruption.
  • Checks that issues have been solved and how much time they have taken.
  • Is aware of his role as dynamic citizen


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