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TripStories: Tourism and mobility

TripStories is a system of integration of city and extra-urban tourism with the city’s sensors and its opendata. It is a set of services for Tourism and Smart Mobility, aimed at supporting municipalities in the promotion of tourist routes and eco-tourism.

IoT at the service of ecotourism for environmental protection and promotion of the territory.


The ecotourism and the enhancement of the environmental and cultural heritage are values that are widely shared by tourists and local authorities. However, there is often a lack of strategies to make use of available resources. Small and medium municipalities are sometimes unable to make full use of technologies that are already available, such as Open Data and IoT.


By adopting innovative technologies, it is possible to make the great mobility generated by tourism easier and carry out environmental protection objectives. Tripstories is the link between two subjects with different purposes:

  • small communities that spread important information for “green” mobility
  • tourism services that improve traveler experience by integrating data sources into mobility flows.

Advantages of TripStories

TripStories for:

Public Administration

  • Creates interactive tours useful for citizens and visitors.
  • Offers an innovative tool that allows a greater involvement of users and the promotion of the territory.
  • Suggests users different solutions based on their preferences and location.

The Citizen

  • He can receive suggestions for places of interest close to its location (e.g. monuments or vantage points, accommodation or restaurants) through a notification.
  • He can search for the route that best suits its preferences using simple filters (e.g. the means of transport).
  • He can review the places visited and leave feedback through the application.


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