we are part of the BDVA network

Digital transformation of the economy

BDVA/DAIRO focuses on enabling the digital transformation of the economy and society through Data and Artificial Intelligence.

The mission of the BDVA is to develop the Innovation Ecosystem that will enable the data and AI-driven digital transformation in Europe delivering maximum economic and societal benefit, and, achieving and sustaining Europe’s leadership on Big Data Value creation and Artificial Intelligence.

know-how exchange

BDVA enables existing regional multi-partner cooperation to collaborate at European level by providing tools and know-how to support co-creation, development and testing of pan-European data-driven applications and services, and exchange of know-how.

wisetown partner of BDVA

BDVA members include large industries, SMEs, research organizations and data users and providers to support the development and deployment of the EU Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership with the European Commission. BDVA focuses its activities on updating the multi-annual roadmap and on providing regular advice to enable the European Commission to prepare, draft and adopt the periodic Work Programmes, as well as on delivering Data Innovation Recommendations, developing Big Data Value Ecosystem, guiding Standards (in particular driving Big Data standardization and interoperability priorities / Influencing Standardisation bodies and industrial alliances), and facilitating Know-how exchange. BDVA is open to new members to further enrich the data value ecosystem and play an active role