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Promoting open source tools

WiseTown was ranked among the 10 finalist projects of the second call of the Finodex Accelerator for its use of Open data and Open Standards (Open311, OpenAPI).

Thanks to the FIWARE ecosystem, our team has been involved in FIWARE Mundus initiatives, such as the GCTC Tech Jam in Washington DC, the GCTC in Austin, where we participated together with the city of Todi, Assisi and Perugia, and several versions of the Smart Cities World Expo in Barcelona.

FIWARE technology in wisetown

The collection of information from heterogeneous sources is managed by WiseTown Core, the module interacts with social connectors, external APIs and other data sources. In this phase, WiseTown Core uses FIWARE Orion Context Broker to connect with open data, which can also be indexed in a CKAN-based platform. It also uses FIWARE NGSI to manage IoT sensor feed metadata and uses Context Broker notifications to power the APIs, which are exposed for integration with other software. Using the Orion Context Broker is sufficient to qualify an application as Powered by FIWARE.

wisetown becomes golden partner

Thousands of startups, SMEs and independent developers around the world are working on their solutions based on the components of Fiware’s open source platform. The FIWARE IoT Ready program aims to expand our open ecosystem by connecting IoT hardware manufacturers as technology providers to our broad developer base. In January 2017, WiseTown was awarded FIWARE IoT Ready certification.