Smart city is about

Quality of LifeUrban PlanningSustainabilityCitizen EngagementPublic PolicyLocal Democracy


Smart city is about

Quality of LifeUrban PlanningSustainabilityCitizen EngagementPublic PolicyLocal Democracy


What is a Smart City for us

A desirable, inclusive, educating city for everyone.

A city capable of placing humans and their ecosystem at the center, in search of a balance between human well-being, urban development and care for the environment.

Our mission

There is a hidden ecosystem of people who work to transform our cities in smarter places. Every day, local administrators, public and private bodies, actors from the third sector and researchers face with different problems and needs to improve local services and the quality of life.

For years, we have been working alongside these players to support them in the implementation of ambitious and efficient digital innovations at any scale.
We assist cities along a path that starts from an in-depth knowledge of the problem, up to the development of a customized solution for the specific case.

Our mission is to support this hidden ecosystem of people in the development of innovative solutions, based on efficient data management.

La missione di WiseTown

What we offer

Our goal is to support all these actors through a cultural and technological growth path that takes the following into account forecasted time schedules and investments, existing tools and processes, context and scale and aspirations.


Technological Partnerships

We are convinced that, to deliver big projects, a large newtwork is required. One that is capable to develop and grow over time. That’s ours.

What we can do together

WiseTown per le amministrazioni comunali


Build infrastructures and tools to improve the quality of life and the services in the city.

Applicazioni per enti pubblici e privati


Develop projects that can affect the well-being of local communities through the use of innovative tools.

Collaborazioni con Università per progetti di ricerca ambiziosi e innovativi


Deepen the knowledge of the reality that surrounds us under many aspects, carrying out ambitious and innovative research projects.

Why collaborate with us

WiseTown is part of the international network of the United Nations Global Compact, the most important global initiative for the development of a sustainable economy. Starting from January 2019 TeamDev shares its principles and combines them with its own corporate values: for this reason, every year it publishes a report through which it communicates to stakeholders the progress in the implementation of the Ten Principles about Human Rights, Labor, Environment, and Anti-Corruption.

See the report
Competenze e aspirazioni per la progettazione europea nell’ambito Smart City.

Research and Development


Skills and ideas for ambitious Smart City projects in the European Union.
It is innovation that creates new processes, products, services and market models. The first fundamental step to innovate is research. And the drive for innovation comes from the perception of what the market needs.

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Team and Skills


The software component forms the backbone of our decision support system and requires advanced development skills.

Our developers, with relevant experience in open source environments, work to adapt our solutions to the particular circumstances that each city presents.


The usability of our solutions is essential to ensure that everyone, from the citizen to the PA technician, is at ease in using our applications.

Our designers ensure that the amount of information generated by the city is reflected in the simplest and most intuitive way possible in the data visualization tools we offer.


We believe that only through an accurate understanding of urban dynamics can sustainable and inclusive innovation be generated in cities.

Our architecture and urban planning experts support the development and design teams in analyzing the urban context in which our solutions are to be inserted.


The management and analysis of data are fundamental components in urban innovation processes and constitute the backbone of the digital services of the smart city.

Our data analysts create the data infrastructures that allow the PA to acquire information in real time on what is happening in the city.


It is also thanks to European projects and an important network of partners that we are able to bring our solutions to new locations and bring new elements to our offer.

Our project managers act as a link between our research and development objectives and the great innovation challenges pursued by the European Union.


The geographic approach is the basis of our solutions and allows you to analyze and make the most of the geo-referenced information of territorial data.

Our GIS technicians take care of the connection between the amount of data produced in the cities and their geographical dimension, to facilitate their understanding and use.

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