Become a smart city today.

Become a
smart city today

Wisetown, the technology that
transforms your city

Urban Digital Twin

WiseTown has been designed to create a virtual environment that accurately replicates urban reality. It’s an ecosystem of applications based on geospatial technology that collects and analyzes large volumes of data about the physical city, providing urban decision-makers with an advanced tool for analyzing, monitoring, simulating, and planning urban dynamics.

our solutions

Wisetown is the complete software for digitising the city. Building the city of tomorrow is today’s challenge: to face it in the best possible way, it is not enough to have technology and data at our disposal, you need to know how to make the most of them. WiseTown transforms data into information to support decision-making and urban development. We don’t tell you, we show you.

success stories

WiseTown has been chosen by cities and institutions to create places that are more liveable, more sustainable, more resilient, more equitable, more people-friendly. In a word: SMARTEST.

digital trasformation

Perugia digital twin

smart sustainable city

San Fermo della Battaglia Municipality

digitalisation and innovation

Calcinato smart city

event security monitoring

City of Independence, USA

green deal

WiseTown is the technological tool to make sustainability a founding value of the city, thanks to digital tools able to enhance public green spaces, monitor the environmental impact of decisions, and the sustainability of urban development.

Our cities and communities can only continue to grow and prosper by optimizing resource consumption, becoming more inclusive and reducing waste and pollution. Turning a city into a Smart City means responding promptly to these challenges with the support of cutting-edge tools like WiseTown.

urban digitalization

WiseTown supports the digitization of the Territorial Information System (SIT) of municipalities and integrates it with other Smart City tools. This way, it is possible to create an advanced and unified system for the collection, analysis, monitoring, and visualization of geolocated territorial data.

european project support

We support Public Administration in the digitization process and offer expert advice in the design and participation in tenders for the implementation of Smart City technologies. Thanks to our knowledge of how Public Administration works and our collaboration with European partners, we design solutions in line with the recommendations of the European Union.